• Smt. Swaroopa Utgi
    Apart from this, students from this academy perform everywhere in India, at dance festivals, at competitions and even abroad.
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Shiva Hari
Saturday, Jul 16, 2016
A theme based program on the blend of lord Shiva and Vishnu. It will have dance performances on incarnations of Shakti and Ardhanarishwara- the form of Shiva with union of masculine and feminine energies of the universe. The second half will include Dashavtar- the ten avataras of lord Vishnu.


About Guru Smt. Swaroopa Utgi...

An accomplished teacher and danseuse par excellence, Guru Mrs Swaroopa Utgi is a renowned name in the field of Bharatnatyam.The rigorous 12 years of formal training in classical dance with Mrs Manik Ambike followed by Masters in Bharatnatyam under tutelage of Dr Sucheta Chaphekar from Pune University gives her a real strong foothold in her favourite dance form of Bharatnatyam.

She has been guiding Bharatnatyam students for more than 15 years under the aegis of Nrityanilaya dance academy of which she is the founder and director. She has guided more than 30 students to their Arangetram and also choreographed classical dance ballets like Sarvadarshanya Namaha, Vandanam Triyogi and Urmi which were critically acclaimed and very well received.

Guru Swaroopa is an acclaimed vocalist who sings at the arangetram of her students. Also, she is bestowed with a sensitive mind which gives her imagination to compose verses and varnam on variety of subjects, most of which form a basis of her dance performances. The verses like sapta-tandava and varnams like Krishna potraying Vatsalya Bhavas and another on Goddess Sita just prove the case in point. These amazing qualities make her stand apart in the crowd.

One would always find technical perfection in every performance under the banner of Nrityanilaya dance academy.
Guru Mrs Swaroopa inculcates the core values and traditions of classical Bharatnatyam at the same time allowing students to experiment and creatively engage in the art form. No wonder she is loved and respected by all her students!