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    Apart from this, students from this academy perform everywhere in India, at dance festivals, at competitions and even abroad.
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Shiva Hari
Saturday, Jul 16, 2016
A theme based program on the blend of lord Shiva and Vishnu. It will have dance performances on incarnations of Shakti and Ardhanarishwara- the form of Shiva with union of masculine and feminine energies of the universe. The second half will include Dashavtar- the ten avataras of lord Vishnu.


   15 Jun 2010
This was a beautiful blend of dance drama and music. The show was different in its own sense with newly designed costumes and students dancing on the tunes of Marathi melodies. Shiv stuti performed by our Guru was fascinating and was followed by shiv tandav leaving the audience spellbound.
   17 Jul 2011
This was a Contemporary fusion based ballet with performances such as Shiv Manas Stotra praising lord shiva and Destruction tandav depicting the importance of Panchamahabhutas-five elements in human life and the consequences of demonic behavior of humans. The show ended with wonderful compositions such as tarana and a new Marathi composition – Tu ek Shakti.
   31 Jul 2015
A celebration paying respect to our guru. Guru Swaroopa tai has always encouraged creativity in dance therefore it was a wonderful experience and a good opportunity for young disciples of Nrityanilaya to choreograph and perform new compositions before our dear guru and senior disciples.
   10 Oct 2015
A unique Arangetram based on lord Krishna – symbol of love and divine joy. Krishna Sudha was an outstanding performance portraying different shades of Krishna’s personality and praising the lord for his divinity and purity.
   11 Feb 2016
Another extraordinary dance show choreographed by our guru. It was indeed a treat for the audience mesmerizing them with special audiovisual effects and pierce dance postures. Ambastuti and Kartikeya kautukam were the highlights of the show impressing the audience with pierce dance postures and unique choreography.
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