• Smt. Swaroopa Utgi
    Apart from this, students from this academy perform everywhere in India, at dance festivals, at competitions and even abroad.
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Shiva Hari
Saturday, Jul 16, 2016
A theme based program on the blend of lord Shiva and Vishnu. It will have dance performances on incarnations of Shakti and Ardhanarishwara- the form of Shiva with union of masculine and feminine energies of the universe. The second half will include Dashavtar- the ten avataras of lord Vishnu.

About Course


Basic five years Bharatnatyam certificate course design :

  • Exercises to improve stamina, strength , flexibility and agility for dance . (Which includes cardio, warming ups , stretching , strengthening)
  • Dance is a union of mind and body, hence yoga and pranayam which are utmost important for health will be practised before and after every class .
  • Bharatnatyam dance will be taught from beginning (basic steps) and will include shlokas with theory and practical knowledge.
  • Lectures with audio visuals , about music, tala , choreography , drawing , painting , fitness ,Nutrition, stage decor, lights and all regarding things which improves knowledge and is very important for being a good dancer .
  • Special lectures to impart knowledge of our indian mythological stories which will help the dancer to know our heritage better and also help her evolve as a person will be done. This skill will also help the dancer for better presentation of her art.
  • Yearly Programmes (dance concerts) will be arranged to encourage the students and also enhance their confidence to perform on-stage.
  • Every year exams will be conducted.
  • Certificate will be given by class after completing course.
  • After completing the five year course, a voluntary one year extra training for “rang pravesham” will be conducted after which the student will perform ARANGETRAM.
  • Devoted students can complete the course in short time with extra hours.
  • Training for external exams like gandharva mahavidyalaya will also be given.